Saturday, 13 September 2014

Summer teaching refurbishments nearly finished.

This summer I have been busy refurbishing 10 teaching rooms ranging from a 24 seat collaborative space to a 335 seat lecture theatre at Aberystwyth University
This link gives more information
The project has brought unexpected challenges especially with asbestos and damp issues to overcome but we are nearly there.
I will be posting some pictures in the next week or two but the type of rooms I have refurbished are:
5 rooms up to 40 capacity with flip top tables and all new AV.
A 100 seat computer lab where the computer monitors can be folded away allowing for dual use of the room.
A room with 4 x 6seat Reuleaux triangle tables and multiple screens.
A 335 seat lecture theatre
A 220 seat lecture theatre
A 42 seat 'Turn and Learn teaching space
A common space lobby provided with open access collaborative desks and study pods.
I am very excited about the rooms and hope they deliver what the objective was i.e.  modern looking, technologically advanced learning environments, that enhance the staff-student experience  and enable different types of teaching and learning  methodologies.
As I said I will post some pictures when completed in about 2 weeks

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