Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Pictures of Summer Refurbishment of Teaching Spaces at Aberytswyth University

As promissed in my previous post below are some pictures of rooms refurbished this summer.
Feedback has been positive for all types of rooms. The trick is for the allocation of the room to match the type of teaching. This is not always possible due to the demand on rooms but the 'matching up' is improving.
 102 seat computer room with fold away screens

 With the screens folded down

40 seat traditional room with foldable desks and twin projection

Another 40 seat traditional room with foldable desks and twin projection

 A 5 Reuleux Triangle table, 30 seqt collaborative room

 A 42 seat raked Turn and Learn lecture room

 A 22 seat stabndard seminar room
New lectern in a 347 seat lecture theatre 
From the back. The seat rows are straight so I used a panoranic shot to capture the width but you get the idea.

 New dual screen setup in a 168 seat lecture theatre with two very keen students.
and from the front in a room formerly known as 'The Dungeon'


  1. Dear Nigel,

    I really like the work you have completed this summer, particularly the multi-purpose computer room and the white lecterns!
    Will be interesting to see what the new nick name for the old Dungeon will be!


  2. Thanks Toni
    The rooms have been well received. I think the big lesson for me this year is the importance of bring comfort and functionality together. Not always easy when there is a need to attempt to maintain capacity.


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