Monday, 9 April 2012

Elliot Felix at EDUCAUSE 2011

Eliot Felix presented at EDUCAUSE 11 his slideshare is here

I first met Elliot at the U21 forum 'Design of Learning Spaces'.
I think Elliot hits the nail on the head with his approach. I especially resonate with slide 7 and I am at last seeing some progress towards Design Thinking methodology at my home institution.
I referenced Tim Brown and Design thinking in my post

It's good to see Elliot is still making designers think about what it is they are designing but more importantly who and for what purpose are they / we designing.

I have recently  been involved with two projects where the architects never even got as far as thinking about the contents in the container (see slide 7 as referenced above).

Unfortunately I know that this is quite usual within the sector.

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