Monday, 7 March 2011

Visit to Monash Language Laboratory

Today I visited Monash University and was shown around by Chris Barnes. Thanks Chris.
Chris works for the eEducation Centre. The 'e' in this case is not used in the same way we associate with e-learning. It is more to do with enhancement, encouraging, enabling, engaging.
Chris introduced me to Professor Gordon Sanson, the director of the unit.
We only had a short time but managed to discuss flexible spaces, I recited my usual mantra about this, mobile technology, and lecture capture. I would have liked to have gone into more depth but time did not permit.
Chris then took me on a tour. There are some great spaces and innovations here. Chris was promoting the involvement of an academic champion if we are to push forward the learning spaces agenda. I have known this for some time but getting that involvement is not as easy as it may seem.

Language, Culture and Linguistics Language Laboratory faculty of Arts.

This picture shows in the foreground a table which has all the computers down to allow for a flat workspace.

This shows the same desk with the computers up. 
There is good use of colour to brighten the space. Orange column and a mix of orange and white desks.
You can also see one of the windows giving light from the corridor and interest of passing traffic.

The teaching station is centrally positioned and the teacher can gain access to all the computers in the room and project that content on to the two projectors within the room. This is done with the use of KVM switches and software which Chris could give more details of if he wishes. There is also a SMART interactive whiteboard in the room.
This is a screenshot of the teacher station console.

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