Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Logic behind my Blog title

It occurred to me that my title may be a little ambiguous.
Learning and Teaching Spaces is obvious .. What I am learning needs some clarification.
If I have learned anything in the last 3 or 4 years of being involved with space design is that there is always something new to learn, it is an iterative process.
These things are not always 'actual design' but can be things such as who to involve, when to involve them, other claims on a space etc.
I hope this gives a better context for the title.


  1. Sounds like a great project (you jammy git!)so hope you have a great time in Oz.

    You're absolutely spot on with your comments about being an ongoing learning process. The bit that prompted me to comment was with your 'who to involve' sentence. I think many of us have a logical idea of who we would involve in any new projects, but we've also identified that half the battle has been getting inclusion ourselves, from the outset, with Estates depts. etc..just plodding on and then giving us a shout as and when necessary (but all too late). I have to say though, that at Solent, this pathetic attempt at communication is now getting better, so I'm finding that our service is now being invited to more discussions from the outset of projects. This has also been assisted by recruitment of new members of staff within the Estates team, responsible for different levels of projects. The other added bonus is that its easy to introduce yourself to a new member of staff and encourage them to seek active involvement from AV/IT services at meeting No.1.
    Some of those, that have been here for ages and are all too set in their ways, still don't have a bloody clue!
    I also forward any relevant correspondence from the SCHOMS group, to project managers within Estates, even if its just for info and I do believe that they find this of use (although they don't necessarily tell me!)



  2. Ian Thanks for the comment.
    Yes the 'let's get AV\IT involved last minute scenario' is, sadly, an all too familiar one.
    I am sensing changes though. You have indicated that Solent are moving in the right direction as we are at Aber the problem I have is one of consistency.
    The recent discussion about induction loops on LTMSG clearly indicates that there is some way to go within the sector.
    I think we will get there in the end but the road may be long and frustrating at times. Just keep chipping away.


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