Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Getting ready for Melbourne

I am off to Melbourne University to work with Associate Professor Peter Jamieson soon. I arrive there on the 28th Feb.
I will be blogging the things I learn about learning and teaching space design. This will be the good the bad and the ugly.
This has all been made possible through the SCHOMS fellowship programme and Aberystwyth University's Learning and Teaching Enhancement Fund.and of course by Peter's very kind offer to put up with me for a month, I believe he has counselling arranged. Thanks to all.
I hope some of the content will be thought provoking, contentious and challenging.
I also hope that the blogs will be a catalyst for discussion, so comments and feedback are welcome. I know I can rely on SCHOMS members to say it how it is.


  1. Never mind Peter needing counselling, the whole of Melbourne better look out when you get there. Have a great trip and i am looking foward to catching the updates. Give my regards to that beaten old australian cricketer, i notice how quiet he went when we stuffed them in the ashes.

  2. I am currently spending my free time warning all members of the public that they should vacate the city for the month of March.... there are several million people living here so it is a big job. Seriously, I keenly await Nigel's visit as it further secures my collaboration and involvement with SCHOMS and takes this forward in a very important direction. I have gained greatly from my interaction and friendships with the SCHOMERS since Toni introduced me a couple of years ago, and so this is a great chance to repay something back to SCHOMS by supporting this type of professional exchange visit. I am keen to show Nigel our campus and our new learning spaces. We will have several new projects just completing construction during his visit so it will be great to get his reaction and feedback on these from and AV design perspective. Nigel will 'shadow' my role during his stay and I hope this will provide him with a chance to gain professional knowledge and insight. I also look forward to him engaging with our resident AV design team (we call the group Learning Environments) with whom I closely collaborate on all of my projects. Must be off... many more citizens to warn, and don't mention the cricket!!!

  3. Poor Melbourne, my beautiful home town. She's been through a lot recently, what with the cricket and the floods. Now she has to contend with a month of Nigel. Be gentle with her...

  4. Darcy
    I was not aware you are a Melbourne lad. I will be gentle with her.
    Any tips on not to miss places?

  5. Hope it all goes well Nigel. I'm looking forward to following your posts.


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