Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Aberystwyth University Lecture Room Refurbishments Completed summer 2015 

This post s overdue as the project was finished in Sept 2015.
There were 6 rooms to be refurbished 3 in Physical Sciences and 3 in Edward Llwyd.
Once again the careful choice of colours was used although as stated in other posts colour is subjective so I used colours that have worked well in the past with some experimentation.
The major addition in these rooms is that 240v twin socket outlets with USB connectivity have been provided wherever it was not prohibitively expensive to do so.

The building work including decoration, lighting and floor coverings were handled by the main contractor. The Audio Visual installation was done by GV Multimedia and the turn and learn seating and lecterns provided by Dalen Top-Tec.

The rooms have been well received by staff and students and have reinvigorated what were very dull and dated lecture rooms.
The seating in all rooms is tiered and one room was fitted with Turn and Learn seating.

Some pictures
Room 1.16 Turn and Learn configuration


Room 0.01 

A complete set of photos can be found here

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