Sunday, 18 September 2011

SCHOMS Learning Environment Design Workshop

I recently attended The Learning Environment Design Workshop run by SCHOMS
at Birmingham University.
It was organised by Toni Kelly of Birmingham University and led by Prof Peter Jamieson of Melbourne University.

The delegates were estates staff, librarians, architechs,technologists and learning environment designers, so a wide range of influence and experience was represented.

The main objective of the day was for the delegates to look at the space the workshop was held in and, having experienced  it in the morning session, break into teams to consider all the questions and considerations that would need to be asked when designing such a space.
The list of considerations will be collated and  form part of a template that can be used in learning environment design . It is hoped that the template will be of assistance to those designing such places.

I am not sure of the timescale but I think the end of 2011 was mentioned.
I will post further details as they appear.

Thanks to SCHOMS, Toni and Peter for a successful and informative event.

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