Thursday, 10 March 2011

Thanks to Kalan Knox

I have been very lucky to have been hosted by the Knox family for the last two nights. This would not have been possible without the sacrifice of Kalan Knox who lent me his bedroom.
Kalan is Kevin and Karen Knox's 5 year old son.
I feel justified in adding this to the blog because his room is a great space. It has lots of soft toys, a drum kit but best of all a dinosaur that glows in the dark, Kalan was good enough to demonstrate this to me this morning. Tomorrow is Kalan's sports day and I am sure he will do his best.
So, thanks very much Kalan. I hope when you visit Wales I can return the favour.

Keep up the good work at school and with the judo.
Your mate
Oh and thanks to Kevin and Karen also who I assume had Kalen's permission to allow this to happen.


  1. It was a pleasure Nigel to have you stay at our home! Not sure about the biscuits you recommended last night!

    Kalan without realising provided a snap-shot of the journey we are all facing; Nile and I dropped Kalan off at his reception class, Westminster School. The classroom was bulging with enthusiastic and excited children. The rich collaborative hub-like layout of three tables each with six chairs provided the chance to see each other and more importantly to talk to each other. The teacher could also interact with the students by walking around.

    At the end of the day we reviewed a rich enabled, technology driven teaching & learning space at Flinders University's city campus. The layout of 8 by 7 ROWS of tables and chairs had no students and no lecturer............................

    Okay it was after 5pm, but is this a snap-shot of the future if we don't seriously look at learning & teaching spaces? Final thought, maybe the students were online and utilising the fruits of lecture capture........

  2. I think you are right Nigel; there's a lot to learn from primary schools. After all they do shapre the way that our future learners learn.

    And can we have dinosaurs lights too??!


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