Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Thanks Post

It is now time to thank the long list of people who have made this study visit happen and be so worthwhile and rewarding.
So thanks to:
Fiona, for agreeing to me being away from home for six weeks.
SCHOMS, for funding the scholarship. I urge other members to apply.
Aberystwyth University, for also funding me.
The management of Information Services, for allowing me the time away.
All the people who assisted me at the universities, schools and projects I visited, especially at Melbourne University. It is a long list.
The readers and contributors to this blog. It will continue.
Thanks to Rosa for her hospitality and generosity.
Last, but by no means least, thanks to Peter Jamieson who is the catalyst for this visit.
Peter has a massive workload but managed to find the time to plan and organise a great itinerary. There is much I could say about Peter and how he has helped further develop my understanding of learning spaces and their design but for now I want to thank him publically for his ideas, support and inspiration.
Thanks Peter.

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