Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Geelong and Deakin University

This post is out of sync but never mind.
On the weekend Peter and I visited Geelong and were able to gain access to an area of Deakin University.
Photographs and explanations below.
This is an area outside a cafe on the end of a pier. The grass is synthetic, I have seen a lot of this on my explorations, and they have used a variety of seating in vivid colours. A very nice place to have a rest and a cuppa.

 Say no more!
 This is a public area made of steel. Lighting and sound had been installed. I think it would be impressive at night time. The sound system was playing the local radio station, the news was on at the time. There were families using the basketball hoops (unable to get a pic) and little kiddies using the slopes on scooters and skateboards. A great facility and space.

 This is part of Deakin University. It is used as a market every Saturday and therefore a community space as well as academic. It is a converted warehouse (wool I think). They have kept the warehouse feel of the space by retaining the steel girders and brickwork.
 This area is just outside the previous pic.

 This is good use of the different levels. The steps can be used as seating when an event or performance is taking place.

 The building from the outside.
 This is a great little public shelter that would be ideal as a place of interest and study on a campus.
 I met up with some of the lads from the band I played in.
 I also joined the local surf life savers club. I'm the one on the right!

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